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How I Improved My Vision 2 Diopters in 3 Months


In this show I tell you how I naturally improved my vision. After this show you will know more about the cause and recovery from myopia (nearsightedness) than your optometrist.

Heart Disease

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630000 people die from heart disease a year but you don’t have to be one of them. We discuss why medical doctors are wrong about cholesterol, foods to avoid and nutritional deficiencies behind the various types of heart disease.

Cancer: What You Need to Know and Aren’t Being Told.

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The Journal of Oncology states chemotherapy is 97% ineffective and studies are showing chemotherapy kills 50% of the people who receive it while causing cancer recurrence in those that survive. Man gives drugs of destruction. God gives your body the ability to repair itself. Don’t believe it? What happens when you get a cut? It is no different. You can’t build a building without raw materials. Your body is no different. There are literally thousands of scientific studies in how to support your immune system so that the immune system can do it’s job.

High Blood Pressure


Your body is not broken and it doesn’t need a drug to band-aid it until you die. In this episode we discuss what the real cause of high blood pressure is.



You don’t need rat poison (I mean warfarin) to prevent a stroke. You just need the nutrients the body uses to support it’s structure and function.

No Nonsense Science Based Weight Loss


Do you wonder why you gain weight after having lost weight with a weigh loss program? That is because you haven’t addressed the cause of the weight gain which is a mineral deficiency.

Natural Immune System Support


Learn how to support the body’s ability to fight infection with herbs, vitamins, minerals and more. Even what to use for antibiotic resistant bacteria like CDIF and MRSA along with viruses like HIV and Ebola. This great information your doctor has no clue about.

Type 2 Diabetes


69000 people die each year from a deficiency we have known for 50 years.

Cholesterol and Alzheimers


Learn about the history of the demonization of cholesterol. Cholesterol is so important that the liver makes it. The sex hormones and vitamin d are made from Cholesterol and so is the 75% of the brain. This is another great show with information you have never heard before.


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