084 Digestion with Dr Megan Lebon ND

Friday , 10, November 2017 Leave a comment

“Who is Dr. Megan Lebon, ND? She loves helping people whose lives are Disrupted by Digestive troubles to Get out of the Bathroom and Get Back into a Fun life! Dr. Lebon personally experienced the power of natural medicine in her own life due to a life threatening illness. She used natural therapies and philosophies to begin to assist her body to restore health to itself. She has a system to help you too!”

In this episode Dr Lebon discusses the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine and how it differs from Medical doctors. She also talks about her own serious health condition that she overcame through natural methods. She also talks about common digestive system problems and how to have a healthy digestive system.

You can find her book, schedule a consultation, and more from her website http://healthorganizers.net/

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