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Freedom from Pharmacy was founded by Brian Showalter. Brian got involved in health when he learned that almost all chronic degenerative diseases were caused by deficiencies of vitamins and minerals or by eating the wrong foods. After seeing how medical doctors were not only not helping people overcome their illnesses but were even causing harm and death, he could not stand on the sidelines any longer. He got certified in holistic nutrition and started a podcast to spread the message of hope. Every week we take on a health topic and give you information so you can take control of your own health. The body was divinely designed to heal itself it just needs the building blocks to do the work. If you listen to the podcast you are your friend’s and family’s last hope because the medical system has failed us.
Brian only recommends Youngevity supplements on the show because he personally tried to use supplements found on Amazon but the results were not very good. If you are afraid that we are just trying to make money then go buy the Youngevity supplements somewhere else. Off the counter supplements are only 10% absorbable but Youngevity supplements have a 95% absorption rating because they are plant derived. When a plant takes up minerals it converts them into a usable form which makes Youngevity so successful. It is that fact and the scientific research background that Dr Wallach put into their creation. Click on the “who is Dr Wallach” Tab to learn more about why his formulas are so successful in supporting the body’s structure, function, maintenance and repair.

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