Why more than 90% of people have deficiencies

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We can no longer get all of the nutrients we need from food. Weston A Price traveled the world to find healthy cultures in the 1930s. The nutrient amounts he found in their food were 4 time higher in minerals and 10 times higher in fat soluble vitamins. Before electricity people got their minerals from the ashes from their wood stoves that they put in their gardens. The simplest way to guarantee that you are getting everything you need is to supplement with the Healthy Body Start Pak. Compare the nutrient amounts in that with any combination of foods that you can think of and check the nutrient amounts of those foods at nutritiondata.self.com For a list of studies showing people aren’t getting what they need to be healthy go here.

Healthy Body Start Pak

3 products make up the healthy start pak.  These make up the 90 essential nutrients which everyone needs.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0

This is Youngevity’s flagship product. It is made from 115 fruits and vegetables. It contains 65 minerals that come from a mine in Utah where a prehistoric forest once was. Youngevity has exclusive rights to this mine and since these minerals are from the plants they are colloidal and therefore in the form the body can use. It also has 16 vitamins, and 12 amino acids. This if very potent nutrition so it would have to be diluted and given over a period of time. It comes in nutricrystals which was a process Youngevity developed which is like freeze drying. It mixes easily in water or by shaking in a bottle

Beyond Osteo FX

This is the calcium product which completes the 66 essential minerals. This is a powder but can come as liquid. Calcium supplements are some of the most purchased in the US but there are still calcium deficiencies. This product contains the cofactors that make it 95% absorbable. 

EFA Plus

This is the essential fatty acids which complete the 90 essential nutrients. These are packed in gel caps in a nitrogen room so no oxygen can oxidize the oil. These can be punctured and squeezed out. This makes up the Healthy Body Start Pak. Dr Wallach has sued the FDA 7 times and won and one of his lawsuits was for a certified health claim to say that supplementing with essential fatty acids eliminate the risk of stroke.

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